Test nukleinske kisline, test dvojnih protiteles, bris grla, bris nazofarinksa Ali lahko ločite?


Vzorci, zbrani za nov test nukleinske kisline na koronavirusu, se imenujejo brisi. Polni imeni obeh metod stabris orofaringeusainNASOPARINGEALNI BROD, respectively. There is no difference in essence between the bris orofaringeusainnasopharynx swab, which are used to collect the pharyngeal samples for the detection of npv nucleic acid. The difference is that one is through the mouth into the collection of oropharynx specimens, one through the nasal cavity into the collection of NASOPHARYNGEAL specimens. The national free nucleic acid test is mainly oral swab collection. Double antibody is a new coronavirus antibody test, which is commonly referred to as IGM, IgG detection. IGM and IGG antibodies are usually produced in the body after the entry of novel coronavirus into the body. IGM antibodies are the first to appear after infection, indicating a recent infection and can be used for early diagnosis of infection. Igg antibody is a long-term protective antibody. It is produced in 2 weeks after infection, lasts for a long time and can be carried for life. The detection of two antibodies, IGM and IGG, can be used to determine whether a person is infected or not. The double antibody test screening object is suitable for the nucleic acid test negative, but also has certain clinical symptoms personnel.